Conferences dealing with Indigenious Knowledge

Indigenous knowledge is local, mostly traditional knowledge covering medicine, agriculture, religion, rituals and many other spheres of every day life. It still plays a major role in many African countries today, is usually transmitted orally from one generation to the next and is therefore in danger of being forgotten. This section focuses on the exploration, research and recording of indigenous knowledge, and the improved access to it.
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    The arts and indigenous knowledge systems in a modern(ised) Africa - Second International Arts Conference – Pretoria / South Africa   english

    The conference (25-27 September 2013) organised by the Tshwane University of Technology Faculty of the Arts concerns itself with the relationship between indigenous knowledge systems and the arts, or rather, the creative industry.

    The value of indigenous knowledge in the 21st century - 1. International Conference on Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) – Johannesburg / South Africa   english

    The Department of Science and Technology of the Republic of South Africa (DST), in collaboration with the North West University (NWU), organised an international conference from 17-20 April 2013 with the topic of “indigenous knowledge systems” and their interaction with natural science and technology.

    Indigenous Knowledge Technology Conference, Windhoek, Namibia   english

    This conference was aimed at bringing researchers and practitioners together who deal with supporting and spreading indigenous systems of knowledge in their various disciplines. Taking into account that digital recording of indigenous knowledge may result in tension, new methods and technologies – adjusted to the needs of local communities – were discussed.

    Celebrating Indigenous Knowledges – Peoples, Lands, Cultures, Trent University, Peterborough, Canada   english

    This international conference was about exploring the many-sided changes of paradigms and convergences which are currently taking place in the field of indigenous knowledge. Academics and protagonists – the proprietors of traditional knowledge – had the opportunity to exchange their views on ideas and experiences and to develop forward-looking strategies for indigenous communities and knowledge systems.

    4th International Indigenous Conference, Auckland, New Zealand   english

    “To recognise differences, to look into them and understand them”, this was the theme of the fourth International Indigenous Conference which aimed at improving the understanding among groups of different cultural backgrounds. One of the main efforts focussed on building relationships and looking at the differences between indigenous and non-indigenous communities jointly in order to overcome discrimination. Apart from the programme and information provided by the speakers, the lectures presented at the conference can also be found on the website.