Audio- and Videomaterial dealing with Orality & New Media

This section gives attention to the relationship between orality and modern information and communication technologies (ICT). It explores opportunities offered by multimedia and social media plattforms, for example, to collect orally transmitted knowledge in a participatory process, make it accessible in its original form or available for further use.
Foto: Ken Banks

    EngenderHealth: MAP Digital Stories - South Africa   english

    In 1998 the worldwide organisation EngenderHealth established the programme “Men As Partners (MAP)” in South Africa to increase cooperation with men. The goal was to achieve progress with regard to HIV/Aids and violence against women. Workshops on digital storytelling were arranged where participants told their stories and chose pictures, music and video clips to create their own short film. 18 of the videos made this way are available on the EngenderHealth webpage.

    Morton Beebe's Maasai Oral Histories Project Video   english

    This video on the Maasai Oral Histories Project aims at recording the traditional stories and songs of the Maasai and making them accessible to scholars.

    This is my Story   english

    “This is my Story” is a social network endeavour and a competition on YouTube to inspire African youth to tell stories.