Audio- and Videomaterial dealing with Oral Literature & Storytelling

This section deals with initiatives which study, gather and make available orally transmitted literary texts as well as projects focusing on the artistic expression of all forms of oral literature, including storytelling, spoken word, music, dance and theatre.
Foto: Simon Rawles

    African Storytelling   english

    This is a contribution by the American TV channel TV2Africa to a project of the National Museum of African Art. The project endeavours to keep the Griot tradition alive and encourage children to read more about Africa.

    Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story   english

    Author Chimamanda Adichie recounts how she found her own cultural voice, while also warning of the danger of knowing only one story about another person or country

    Erzähl mir was – Erzählfestival, Bergisches Land   deutsch

    Since 1997, Remscheid and the surrounding areas, have hosted a festival entitled “Erzähl mir was” (Tell me something). At the festival storytellers, from various cultures, backgrounds and age groups, have an opportunity to present their story to festival goers. This website also contains a few video samples.

    In Between Stories   english

    “In Between Stories” is a short documentary on four young artists from African Diaspora communities in Toronto, Canada. The film addresses topics such as the representation of Africa in the media, experiences of second-generation youth with an immigrant background and the role of narration.

    Katharina Ritter: Über Geschichten erzählen   deutsch

    This clip contains an excerpt from the film „Dem Drachen erzählen“ („Telling the Dragon“) which deals with the application of oral storytelling in teaching.

    Kweku Anase and the Art of Storytelling   english

    In this short film about Kweku Ananse, a figure from West African tales appears as a man or spider.

    Morton Beebe's Maasai Oral Histories Project Video   english

    This video on the Maasai Oral Histories Project aims at recording the traditional stories and songs of the Maasai and making them accessible to scholars.

    This is my Story   english

    “This is my Story” is a social network endeavour and a competition on YouTube to inspire African youth to tell stories.

    Verba Africana   english

    The Verba Africana project releases video recordings of oral performances of poems, music and stories from African countries in an attempt to promote documentation, research and digitally assisted learning. The videos are available on the internet (streaming or download) and also as CD-ROM and DVD, including accompanying material. So far, videos of oral literature (with elements of music and dancing) have been produced in Ghana, Zanzibar and Mali.

    World Oral Literature Project   english

    The World Oral Literature Project, Voices of Vanishing Worlds, was started at the University of Cambridge in 2009 and is a global initiative for the documentation and dissemination of endangered oral literature. In order to ensure that this literature does not disappear before it has been recorded, the project supports local communities as well as research projects and investigations which aim at preserving forms of oral literature. The results are available on the web in audio as well as video formats.