Deutsch Online Live: Sparpaket

Foto: Goethe-Institut © Bernhard Ludewig
Deutsch Online Live: Sparpaket - Foto: Goethe-Institut © Bernhard Ludewig

Deutsch Online Live: Sparpaket

I want to actively use my German skills, even when I’m abroad. In my online live sessions I like talking about current events in Germany.
€ 200,-

Whether you want to supplement a German course, practice more conversation, or prepare for an upcoming assignment in German – here everything is tailored to you. Our DEUTSCH ONLINE LIVE SPARPAKET offers you five online live sessions that focus completely on you and your German skills.


In the virtual classroom you will meet with your instructor for a total of five 60-minute online live sessions. Your instructor will support you, advise you, give you feedback, talk with you about the topic of your choice, and practice what you want and need to work on.

Deutsch Online Live: Sparpaket - Screenshot: Practising for an interview - Foto: Goethe-Institut © Bernhard Ludewig

DEUTSCH ONLINE LIVE is currently available for levels B1 and C2. The themes for your lessons could be, for example: practising job interviews, individual exam prep, or conversation.

Download SymbolModule Description Job Application Training (PDF, 120 KB)
Download SymbolModule Description Conversation (PDF, 116 KB)
Download SymbolModule Description Exam Preparation B1 (PDF, 121 KB)

You have complete flexibility to schedule your lessons whenever and wherever you like. After all, you decide when you want to learn. You can easily book your first lesson in our online calendar. You will then coordinate with your instructor to schedule the four remaining lessons.

In the final online live session of your DEUTSCH ONLINE LIVE SPARPAKET, your instructor will give you concluding feedback and other individual tips.


Deutsch Online Live: Sparpaket Level B1 – C2
Exercise units A package of 5 60-minute lessons
Total amount of work 60 minutes per lesson
Personal support from the instructor Yes
Max. learning progress Improve fluency and oral expression
Operating system Windows, MacOS, Linux
Browser The latest version of Internet Explorer® (32-bit version)
The latest version of Firefox®
The latest version of Apple Safari
Bandwidth 512 kbps
Additional technical requirements Internet connection and an e-mail address
Headset and webcam
Online live sessions 5 sessions
Compatible with mobile devices Yes
Support languages German, English
Learning material Included in the price
Reschedule or cancel the lesson Up to 48 hours before the lesson
Price € 200,--