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An Interview with Doris Dörrie: “I Would Like to Shoot in Japan Again – Preferably in Fukushima”

(15 April 2012) Doris Dörrie and Japan: the story of a long friendship. The director has shot a number of films in Japan. Now, during a three-month stay in Kyoto, she was able to deepen the relationship. She began by searching for twins.More ...
Copyright: Rahul Shah

Gallery on the Beach in Chennai: Scenes from a Diverse Society

(9 April 2014) Beach or exhibition, nature or culture? Visitors to Elliot’s Beach in Chennai, India got all at once: a photography exhibition about power relations and role models in India along with a stroll on the beach with a sea breeze. By Julia HägeleMore ...
Copyright: Ingo Pertramer

Thomas Glavinic: “My Dead Grandmother Should Stay Out of my Bathroom”

(2 April 2014) He’s an agnostic, he wasn’t allowed to attend religion class as a child, in 2011 he went on a pilgrimage and now he is reading at the German-Israeli Literature Festival with the theme Matters of Faith. I rang up writer Thomas Glavinic to ask him how it all fits together.More ...
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Babylon in the Classroom: German Isn’t Easy Whether Turk, German or German Turk

(25 March 2014) Neukölln, Wedding and Wilhelmsburg are neighbourhoods with names known across the country. When you hear them, you think of welfare assistance and schools where more Turkish is spoken than German. Those who grow up here don’t have any chances in life, some think. Hatice Akyün disagrees.More ...
Copyright: F.A.Z.-Foto/ Patrick Slesiona

Foreign Skilled Workers: Here to Tend a Need

(29 March 2014) Germany is aging and has far too few nurses. The aim is to fill the gap with immigrants from countries such as Serbia and the Philippines. They often acquire the necessary language skills at the Goethe-Institut, yet the pathway to accreditation is long and rocky. By Sven AstheimerMore ...
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