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Watch over 100 German films online

Onleihe - films © Goethe-Institut

Over 100 German films – classic movies as well as current productions – are available for free on our eMedia platform, the eLibrary.

The online movie collection of the Goethe-Institut is all about German films.
You’ll find unforgettable cinema classics based on the books by Erich Kästner, such as Das doppelte Lottchen [Lottie and Lisa], Emil und die Detektive [Emil and the Detectives] or Drei Männer im Schnee [Three Men in the Snow], and can now watch them from the comfort of your own sofa.
Apart from these classics, our film selection also includes current productions – from feature films and documentaries all the way to children’s films and comedies.
Look forward to a range of gripping, funny and surprising films on topics like Germany in general, society, history, culture, arts and literature, women and LGBT, all in the original German version: There’s the remake of the fairy tale Das kalte Herz [Heart of Stone], the children’s film Rettet Raffi! [Save Raffi!], the girl power feature Tiger Girl, the literary film Die Habenichtse [The Have-Nots], the arts and culture documentary Schatzkammer Berlin [Berlin’s Treasure Trove], the LGBT documentary Mein wunderbares West-Berlin [My Wonderful West Berlin], the feature film LUX – Krieger des Lichts [LUX – Warrior of Light] about a misfit hero, the comedies Fack ju Göthe 1-3 [Suck Me Shakespeer 1-3], the socially critical documentary Deportation Class and many more.

100 films in our Onleihe
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We hope you’ll have fun browsing and discovering these films!

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Selection by topics

3 Zimmer/Küche/Bad (with English subtitles)
45 Minuten bis Ramallah (with English subtitles)
Fack Ju Göthe 1 - Suck me Shakespeer (with English subtitles)
Fack Ju Göthe 2 (with English subtitles)
Fack Ju Göthe 3 (with English subtitles)
Finn und der Weg zum Himmel (with English subtitles)
Der geilste Tag (with English subtitles)
König von Deutschland (with English subtitles)
Die letzte Sau (with English subtitles)
Lux - Krieger des Lichts (with English subtitles)
Der Nanny (with English subtitles)
Vielmachglas - A Jar Full of Life (with English subtitles)
Vier gegen die Bank - Four against the Bank (with English subtitles)
Deportation Class (with English subtitles)
Digitale Dissidenten (with English subtitles)
Fetisch Karl Marx (with English subtitles)
Gleißendes Glück - Original Bliss (with English subtitles)
Happy (with English subtitles)
Herbert - A heavy heart (with English subtitles)
Kandidaten (with English subtitles)
Der Kuaför aus der Keupstrasse (with English subtitles)
Murat B. - Verloren in Deutschland (with English subtitles)
Nicht ohne uns!
Rabbi Wolf
Schule Schule – die Zeit nach Berg Fidel (with English subtitles)
SPK Komplex
Staatsdiener (with English subtitles)
Sucht (with English subtitles)
Wir sind jung. Wir sind stark. (with English subtitles)
Die mit dem Bauch tanzen (with English subtitles)
Eva Hesse
Family Business
Im Alter von Ellen (with English subtitles)
Lenalove (with English subtitles)
Louisa (with English subtitles)
Oma & Bella
Tiger Girl (with English subtitles)
Vergiss mein Ich (with English subtitles)
Agnes (with English subtitles)
Amour fou
Die dunkle Seite des Mondes - The Dark Side of the Moon (with English subtitles)
Das große Heft
Die Habenichtse (with English subtitles)
Oben ist es still
Das Pubertier - Teenosaurus Rex (with English subtitles)