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Calendar of Events Photo: Goethe-Institut/Felix Rettberg

Calendar of Events

List of all events in Germany organised by the Goethe-Institut

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Ten authors are visiting homes in Europe. Hosts in over 15 cities in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany are opening their doors to them so that they can spend an evening together. 

Kritikmaschine: Kursbuch takes a trip around the world © Murmann Publishers


The Goethe-Institut’s Kritikmaschine triggers a dialogue between authors of the leftist journal Kursbuch and intellectuals all over the world.

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Competing Narratives

At the public conference approximately 200 participants will discuss the “contest of narratives” (Frank Gadinger) in the context of human rights, freedom of speech and expression, sexual orientation, flight and migration.

Goethe Medal Foto: Goethe-Institut/Loredana La Rocca

Goethe Medal

Every year the Goethe-Institut honours foreign figures who have performed outstanding service for the German language and international cultural dialogue.