There’s something to discover. From the lives of European minorities
Leipzig Book Fair 2018

Saturday, 17th March, 8:00 pm

At the now-traditional Balkan Night at UT Connewitz, award-winning novelists and poets read and tell stories about the lives of homosexuals, Slavic Muslims, the existence of refugees, migrants and circus artists, decent girls and indecent women.

Humorous, poetic and melancholic moments await Leipzig’s audience at the most exciting reading evening of the Book Fair this year too.

Romanian hip hop band Subcarpati supplies the groove and some first-rate rhymes.
Lavinia Braniște
Ion Luca Caragiale
Velibor Čolić
Lidija Dimkovska
Anja Golob
Enes Halilović
Gazmend Kapllani
Igor Štiks
Aglaja Veteranyi
Ronnie R. Vogt

Music: Subcarpaţi

Aylin Rieger
Hana Stojić

Event organised by: Traduki, Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Albania, Goethe-Institut Bucharest, Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Liechtenstein Cultural Foundation, Reading Balkans, the Swiss Culture Foundation Pro Helvetia, Romanian Ministry for Culture and National Identity, Zoom in, Ministry for Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, the Slovenian Book Agency JAK, Slovenian Culture Centre in Berlin

Location: UT Connewitz, Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 12a, 04277 Leipzig Süd