International symposium KULTURSYMPOSIUM WEIMAR 2019

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from 19 to 21 June 2019


"Recalculating the Route" - 19 to 21 June 2019

How can we ensure we don’t lose track in an increasingly complex world? And how can we retain authorship over our lives in the face of rapid technological change? The second edition of the three-day international cultural symposium will revolve around these questions. Under the title "Recalculating the Route" international participants from the fields of culture, economy, academia, media and politics will examine the four main topics ORIENT//ATION, AUTO//NOMY, RE//GRESSION, DIGI//NOMICS from various perspectives. A programme consisting of lectures, discussions, participatory debates and artistic interventions will take place in Weimar, Germany.
More than 70 speakers from over 30 countries will reflect on current and future global challenges that are interrelated in various ways. With contributions by Anab Jain (designer, filmmaker - UK/India), Claudia Roth (vice president of the German Parliament), Toby Walsh (expert for Artificial Intelligence - Australia), Cesy Leonard (activist, Center for Political Beauty - Germany), Mari Matsutoya (artist - Japan/UK), Pierre Fautrel (artist - France), Denise Hearn (economist & author - USA), Timothy Snyder (historian - USA), Pankaj Mishra (author - India/UK), Assaf Gavron (author - Israel), Hao Jingfang (author - China), Katrin Nyman-Metcalf (expert for e-Governance - Estonia), Ece Göztepe (constitutionalist - Turkey), Nanjira Sambuli (internet activist - Kenia), Antonio Araujo (theatre director - Brazil) and Marta Keil (curator - Poland) amongst others.
The cultural symposium will be complemented by a rich supporting programme composed of art and music: choreographer Huang Yi (Taiwan) stages a dance performance for humans and a robot, the opera "The Circle" by Ludger Vollmer (Germany), artist-duo Lotte Effinger and Marco Buetikofer (Germany/Switzerland), photographer Julia Steinigeweg (Germany), folk pop artists Steiner & Madlaina (Switzerland), DJ sets by DENA (Germany/Bulgaria) and Dunkelbunt (Germany).

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