Exhibition Ink & Pixels

Ink & Pixels, Photo: Sabine Bretz Photo: Sabine Bretz

Tue, 06.09.2016 -
Sat, 08.10.2016

Zentralbibliothek Bremen

The Wild and Wondrous Tale of Kenyan Comics

Ink & Pixels is the second comic exhibition in Bremen about the comic scene in an African nation and aims to change the views in Germany where “Africa” is often seen as a code for disease, war and crisis.
Instead, the exhibition presents an independent, national comic culture with its own history and protagonists.

The exhibition, organized by the Goethe-Institut Kenya, was curated by Paul “Maddo” Kelemba and Kimani wa Wanjiru and already shown in Nairobi in 2015. It does not limit itself to a historical look back, but also looks at present-day comic production in Kenya to show a lively, active scene.

In addition, this exhibition aims to facilitate exchange between the German and Kenyan comic scenes and direct contact between the protagonists of these scenes. Along with the opening, a workshop with Chief Nyamweya is planned as well as a public artist talk, in which German comic artists share with their Kenyan counterparts and give the audience an insight into the respective comic cultures and specific situations under which the artists in Kenya and Germany work.

Organized by: Kulturnetz e.V./Gregor Straube; Pan-Afrikanischer Kulturverein Bremen