Exhibition ACTOPOLIS – The Art of Action

Actopolis Goethe-Institut Athens/Photo: Michael Pappas

Thu, 16.03.2017 -
Sun, 09.04.2017

Alte Post

Poststr. 1-33 / Pauls-Reusch-Str. 2
46045 Oberhausen


How can we expand and preserve urban spaces as communal spaces?

Cities around the world are faced by challenges. How can we expand and preserve urban spaces as communal spaces even in times of their economic utilization and privatization? What roles are played in these processes by the arts, culture, architecture, self-organized action and activism?

These questions were the focus of artists, architects, philosophers, urbanists and activists in seven different European cities in recent years as part of the transnational cooperation project Actopolis - The Art of Action. The exhibition presents examples of projects from Ankara/Mardin, Athens, Bucharest, Belgrade, Oberhausen, Sarajevo and Zagreb. Materials from the more than 45 individual projects reveal an abundant repertoire of action alternatives for shaping and transforming the cities in which we live.

Actopolis is a call to action that aims to inspire emulation. The materials presented on 50 panels are supplemented by media stations dedicated to the project’s film and video productions. The “public space” of the exhibition – areas for action between the semi-circular spaces – offers opportunities for local additions, fringe events and workshops.

An exhibition by the Goethe-Institut und Urbane Künste Ruhr. Artistic directors: Katja Aßmann, Angelika Fitz, Martin Fritz. Design: NODE Berlin Oslo. Architecture: Stadelmann Schmutz Wössner Architekten, Berlin