Whispering Bodies

Audio walks through the Münchner Stadtmuseum as part of the SPIELART festival

For WHISPERING BODIES, the first part of AUDIOREFLEX MÜNCHEN – SÃO PAULO, which will continue in Brazil in 2018, three artists from the two cities use audio guides to establish personal and political references to the exhibition pieces at the Münchner Stadtmuseum.

Alejandro Ahmed’s audio walk involves small choreographic exercises to help observe one’s own body, pulse and breathing in the context with the museum’s architecture. In her audio thriller, Suli Kurban links the display cases about the NSU murders to the Puppet Theatre/Fairground Attraction collection. The puppets demonstrate how “foreigners” are staged as exotic horrors. Similar strategies can be found in the reporting on the NSU with its criminalising presentation of the murder victims. José Fernando de Azevedo deals with flight and fear by guiding visitors through the National Socialism in Munich exhibition.
Using the unusual format of audio performances for a museum, new possibilities are explored to experience the exhibitions in a playful and yet critical manner.
Idea and dramaturgy: Sigrid Gareis; Artistic design: Alejandro Ahmed, José Fernando de Azevedo and Suli Kurban.

Production: SPIELART Festival Munich in cooperation with Münchner Stadtmuseum, Museu da Imigração do Estado de São Paulo, Goethe-Institut São Paulo and MITsp – Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo Festival. Funded by the Cultural Office of the State Capital of Munich, the Artist-in-Residence Programme at Ebenböckhaus and the Goethe-Institut.
Whispering Bodies is Munich’s part of the project Audioreflex München-Sao Paulo, which will be continued in spring of 2018 at the Museu da Imigração do Estado de São Paulo with the artists Ariel Ephraim Ashbel, Claudia Bosse and Rita Natalio.