اختبار الدارسين الأجانب

إن اختبار الدارسين الأجانب أو "TestAS" هو اختبار مركزي مُوحد لقياس قدرات الدارسين الأجانب. تتيح نتيجة هذا الاختبار للراغبين في الدراسة من الطلبة الاجانب معلومات عن موقعهم بالمقارنة بمتقدمين آخرين. ويمكنهم الحصول على نتائج جيدة من تحسين فرص حصولهم على مكان للدراسة في إحدى الجامعات الألمانية

What are the benefits of TestAS?

TestAS gives prospective students information about their individual ranking compared to other applicants. With good results, they can improve their chances of being admitted for studies at a German university.
-The university can select the candidates who best fulfill the requirements for a subject.
-Test takers get to know the typical requirements of the subject they want to study.
-The TestAS result enables applicants to realistically assess their chances of successfully completing their studies at a German university.

Please inquire at the website of the international office of the university you are applying to as to whether TestAS is one of the admission requirements for your chosen field of study.

What does TestAS look like?

The test can be taken in German or English and consists of different modules:
1.Core test: It tests abilities that are relevant for all courses of study.

2.Subject-specific tests: They measure abilities particularly relevant for courses of study in specific areas of study. You can choose from four subject-specific modules.

Examination dates in Muscat

Date Enrolment Test
20.06.2024 bis 11.03.2024 Digitaler Test
19.10.2024 bis 12.09.2024 Papierbasiert - TestAS054
19.11.2024 bis 11.11.2024 Digitaler Test

The TestAS examination fee is 145 Euro and must be paid when registering online.