Short Bios of Participants

L to R: Wolfram Eilenberger, Fritz Breithaupt, Charlotte Klonk, Sonja Griegoschewski (Goethe-Institut), Andreas Weber © Goethe-Institut Australien

During our event series “Responsiblity & Humanity – Nature, Culture and Terror”, four contemporary German thinkers, Wolfram Eilenberger, Andreas Weber, Charlotte Klonk and Fritz Breithaupt, came to Australia to join a range of Australian guests in a different kind of dialogue. The series was co-curated by Wolfram Eilenberger, Natasha Cica, Director and CEO of the Heide Museum of Modern Art, and Simon Longstaff, executive director of The Ethics Centre in Sydney. The panel discussions happened in Alice Springs, Sydney and Melbourne and covered a wide range of topics: Nature and Humanity, Culture and Identity, Terror and Art.

German speakers:

Wolfram Eilenberger
is a German philosopher, journalist and writer. He is the editor of Philosophie Magazin and programs the philosophy festival

Andreas Weber is a biologist, philosopher and nature writer. His work focuses on a re-evaluation of life as an embodied commons.

Charlotte Klonk is Professor of Art History and New Media at the Institute of Art and Visual History, Humboldt-Universität Berlin.

Fritz Breithaupt is professor of Germanic Studies and affiliated professor of cognitive science at Indiana University Bloomington.

Australian speakers:

Nature & Humanity – Where Has Western Thought Gone Wrong?, 11.09.2017, Charles Darwin University, Alice Springs

Kieran Finnane is a journalist and arts writer. She has lived in Alice Springs since 1987, writing for the Alice Springs News as well as national publications. She is the author of the book Trouble: On Trial in Central Australia.

Paul Ah Chee Ngala is of Arrernte/Arranda descent and grew up in Alice Springs. He is a a musician, businessman, and cultural entrepreneur and is currently Director of the Alice Springs Desert Park.

Culture & Identity – What’s Missing in Contemporary Conversation?, 13.09.2017, The Ethics Centre, Sydney

Paula Abood is a cultural worker and educator, writer and creative producer. She was the 2013 recipient of the Australia Council’s Ros Bower Award for lifetime achievement in community arts and cultural development practice.

Kean Wong is a journalist who has reported, edited and produced for the past 30 years across Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and North America

Terror & Art – Can Violence Be Divine?, 16.09. 2017, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne

Julian Savulescu is a philosopher and bioethicist with a special interest in stem cell research. He is Professor of Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Monash University.

Desmond Manderson is an expert in theories and histories of justice, jointly appointed in the College of Law and the Humanities Research Centre at ANU.

Fiona Jenkins is Associate Professor in the School of Philosophy at ANU.

Rolf Gerritsen is Professorial Research Fellow at Charles Darwin University with primarily research interests in public policy. He moderated the discussion "Nature & Humanity – Where Has Western Thought Gone Wrong?".

Simon Longstaff is the executive director of The Ethics Centre in Sydney and hosted the discussion on "Culture & Identity – What’s Missing in Contemporary Conversation?".

Natasha Cica is Director and CEO of the Heide Museum of Modern Art. She moderated the discussion on "Terror & Art – Can Violence Be Divine?".

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