German Language Scholarship in the Federal Republic of Germany

Every year, the Goethe-Institut Australia offers one 4-week language course scholarship at a Goethe-Institut in Germany to Australians working in Key Positions in the Arts. We aim to enable curators, directors, arts managers and journalists to obtain a better understanding of both the German language and further insight into the German cultural scenes.

Applicants should work for cultural initiatives with a specific interest in Germany and with the intention of bringing back the experiences made in Germany into the Australian context.

The scholarships include:

  • tuition fee
  • accommodation, breakfast
  • health insurance
  • a travel allowance of €800 is also included and will be reimbursed in Germany upon arrival - Please note: Due to budget constraints, the travel allowance might not be granted in every case.
Application details:
Applicants must have finished studying and working in the relevant field. Applications to be in writing, outlining applicant’s position, professional experience and the relevance the scholarship would have to Australian-German cultural cooperation.

Recipients of the scholarship must at least have German knowledge equivalent to level A1.

Applicant’s curriculum vitae as well as two written references confirming applicant's position.

30th September

Holders of German citizenship are excluded.