CLIL in Australia
Promoting bilingual education with CLIL

CLIL in Austrlien © Goethe-Institut/Bernhard Ludewig, Logo: Elke Ploetz

The Goethe-Institut promotes CLIL in German in schools throughout Australia. CLIL is a practice that is rapidly moving into mainstream European education. In Australia, many schools have introduced CLIL programs to promote multilingualism – a key competence in an increasingly interconnected world.
CLILiG = Content and Language Integrated Learning in German
CLIL is an abbreviation referring to an educational approach in which language and subject content are learnt together. In the case of CLIL in German (CLILiG), German language learning is combined with content from other subjects such as science, maths or geography.
about CLIL
Bilingual education creates new opportunities
CLIL offers a genuine bilingual learning experience and is the optimal setting for second language acquisition. Students acquire new language skills and apply them directly to the subject. This creates new opportunities, for example, to study, work or live in Germany
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