Concepts and Materials
German and Football

Fussballkarte 1 © Colourbox

Fit mit Fußball

The Goethe-Institut Australia has developed a set with 7 activity cards around football and learning German. These cards can be ordered or downloaded. 

Step into German © Goethe-Institut

Step into German – Bundesliga Total!

The Goethe-Institut San Francisco has published worksheets, podcasts and quizzes about football. The materials are suitable for level A1. In addition to the Bundesliga, the students can get to know 12 German football cities.

Deutschlandlabor © Goethe-Institut

Deutschlandlabor – Sequel 3: Fussball

Football is the most popular sport in Germany. But do all Germans really watch the games on TV? And do the Germans play football themselves? Nina and David interview people on the street and also get tips on how to make it as a professional in the Bundesliga. There are A2 level exercises related to the video.

German and Football © Goethe-Institut

German und Football - a Project Day

Have you planned a German language day? Would you like to make it challenging and motivating? Then we have a project proposal for you. The Goethe-Institut Denmark has developed materials (for level A2) for a project day on the subject of football.

Meet the Germans © Goethe-Institut

Meet the Germans

Short films and texts address various aspects of German culture. With additional handouts, worksheets and interactive exercises, they can be used in many different ways in the classroom. "The Germans and Football" is at the center of two teaching units (level A2 or B1).

Deutsch und Sport © Goethe-Institut

Sport and German

On the website "Sport and German" athletes are presented in interviews and portraits. In addition to the video about Anja Mittag, a German footballer, there are 6 exercises for German lessons at level A2.

Der Schuß © Goethe-Institut

Anstoß, Trikot, Kopfball - talk about football

Talking about football is not that easy without the right vocabulary. On PASCH-net you will find the most important expressions and words.