All big discoveries start with a question, and the way to the discovery is through finding the answer to that question. How do you produce wind power? How do wounds heal? When, and why, does an apple fall off a tree?

The Goethe-Institut wants to get the researchers of tomorrow started today. How? By finding out which questions are on your minds so that we can answer them in our new German Digital Kinderuniversity! We want you all to participate in the Kinderuni Curiosity Contest. Send us your most burning question, win wonderful prizes, and explore what the Kinderuni can offer as you discover the world of science, technology, engineering, and math.


We are looking for young researchers with exciting and fun questions on their minds. There is so much to explore!

  1. Get together in a small group of two or three people and keep your eyes open to identify anything in your surroundings and daily life that catches your curiosity. Which questions pop into your mind? And what specifically are you interested in finding out about it?
  2. Write down an exciting and interesting question that you have!
  3. Record a short video (around 30 seconds in length, no longer than one minute) and send us both the video and your question in text form.

Rules of Participation

Are you going to a primary school in Australia? Then you can participate in the Kinderuni Curiosity Contest! We can’t wait to see what you came up with!


Send your question in video and text form with your full names to

Your submission can be in English or in German (or both). Make sure to include your teacher’s name so you can win an awesome prize!

Entries will be accepted until 8th November 2019.


The best ideas will be rewarded with amazing prizes!

Moreover, the most creative questions will be read out and answered individually by German scientists on video and will be shared with everyone on the website of the Digital Kinderuniversity!

So get together and send us your video with your question. We look forward to your submissions!

Most of all, have FUN completing this task. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Sonja Pluess
Project coordination
Goethe-Institut Melbourne

Inken Steeb
Educational Services Officer
Goethe-Institut Sydney

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