Coding with Blue-Bot®
Resources for Primary Schools (F-2)

Blue Bot Melisa Savickas

Blue-Bot is a small robot that can be programmed using a tablet or PC or with the arrows on the robot itself. Through this coding game students adopt new skills in Digital Technologies and learn German at the same time. Additionally, with the Goethe-Institut’s classroom mats other learning areas can be integrated in the German lessons.

By programming the Blue-Bots to move towards a specific target on the classroom mat, the students learn to create a sequence of steps that are equivalent to simple coding algorithms. In addition to German the students’ problem solving and numeracy skills are strengthened.

The Blue-Bot Set is available for loan and includes the following materials: 

  • 6 Blue-Bot Robots
  • 4 classroom mats including a German alphabet mat, a number mat (1-10), a mat with geometric forms and one with different foods.

  • Free Blue-Bot App from iTunes and Google Play
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