Robotic and Coding
in German

Robotic and Coding in German Bild: Byron Martin


LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 is a robot composed of a programmable computer, motors and sensors. The robots can be built into different models using LEGO bricks. Depending on the complexity of the project LEGO MINDSTORMS are suited to students from Years 5 to 9.

USE in CLIL projects

LEGO MINDSTORMS can be linked with the Australian Curriculum in learning areas such as Design und Technologies, Digital Technologies, Science or Mathematics. Through the project-based approach students apply and strengthen their problem-solving and collaboration skills as well as their creativity. There is a wealth of possible ways to connect learning German with STEM and to create an inspiring CLIL unit in which students actively apply their newly acquired German language skills with experiments and hands-on projects. Australian Curriculum Links:   Assessment Rubrics

Classroom Sets for loan

LEGO MINDSTORMS classroom sets are available for loan. For more information see the order form. A good way to collect ideas and develop an inspiring course is to set up a tandem with a teacher of a STEM subject. Collaboration with subject teachers has proven to be an essential success criteria in CLIL programs.