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A Year 7-12 competition
Schools for Sustainability - think, research, act!

How can we design a sustainable future for everyone? All over the world, young people are fighting for a common goal: a sustainable future. Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old from Sweden, is their role model. But schools also play an important role: They can help to strengthen the ability of young people to innovate and to act.

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Teams of students explore the ecological situation in their place of residence, street or school. With concrete ideas and actions, they draw the public's attention to the existing ecological situation.

Project Stepps


  • What are the problems in my community? Who is affected?
  • What has already been done to solve the problems? 
  • Define the project goal: What should be achieved with the project?
  • What are other schools or communities doing?
  • Can ideas from Germany and other countries be transferred to Australia?
  • What can we learn from experts?
  • Develop and carry out the action
  • Exchange and build networks
  • Inform the public

Teaching Materials

These worksheets help the students to prepare and carry out their own environmental project.

The students can network with young people from other parts of the world and exchange ideas via the Facebook page "Umwelt macht Schule". 

If you would like to continue to include the topic of sustainability in your German lessons, you can find more material  here.


Jelena Herster
Educational Services