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A Project for Professional Orientation
Enterprise German

Enterprise German promotes the collaboration between schools and German companies or Australian companies with a relationship to German speaking countries within the region. The project combines aspects of professional orientation with creativity and inventor spirit. 

Unternehmen Deutsch©iStock


Registrations for 2021 have now closed. Dates for 2022 will be announced towards the end of the year.

If you have questions please contact    anna-lena.schenck@goethe.de

Teaching Materials

The teaching materials at A1/A2 level are divided into three modules. The materials serve as a basis for the participation in the idea contest, but can also be used without taking part in the competition.

Unternehmen Deutsch Module 1 ©iStock

Module 1: Our Economic Area

Getting to know the domestic economy and finding a partner company.

Unternehmen Deutsch Module 2 ©iStock

Module 2: Our Partner Company

Visiting the partner company and creating a portrait of the company. 

Unternehmen Deutsch Module 3 ©iStock

Module 3: Our Business Idea


Top 3

1. Digitale A Münze App (Kenmore State High School, QLD - Aldi) 

2. Eco Haus (Camberwell Girls Grammar School, VIC - Grün Eco Design)

3. Nanoroboter (Oberon High School, VIC – Strabag) 


Brezel Kit (St Rita’s College, QLD - Bretzel Bitz) 

Catering Wagen (Kenmore State High School, QLD – Cafè Bee sting)
Catering Wagen ©Kenmore State High School, QLD - Café Beesting
Flowerpower (Kenmore State High School, QLD – Bosch) 

Solarsweeper (St Andrews Lutheran College, QLD – (BayWare)
In the school year 2019, more than 350 students from 16 schools participated in the Australia-wide ideas contest Enterprise German. On November 8, 2019, the most innovative product, service and marketing ideas for a selected partner company were announced from 96 submissions. Students, teachers and principals as well as representatives of the partner companies such as Aldi, SAP, DB Schenker, King of Cakes, Die Neue Woche and Moerk Water as well as representatives of the German Embassy came together to share the creativity and ingenuity of this year's participants at the Goethe-Institut Sydney. Congratulations to the proud winning teams and many thanks to all who support this creative project for professional orientation. The lucky winners will now compete in an international competition against the winning groups from Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. You too can be part of the jury and select your favourite idea until November 30:

Unternehmen Deutsch The winning team from Korowa Anglican Girls' School in Melbourne together with Sebastian Kress from SAP, Deputy Principal Liana Gooch, German teacher Emily Kent and Eva Baker and Anna-Lena Schenck from the Goethe-Institut Australien | © Goethe-Institut in Australien 1st Place: SAP Kühlschrank (Korowa Anglican Girl’s School, VIC)

2nd Place: Leica Heimat (Camberwell Girls Grammar School, VIC)
3rd Place: Lufthansa Familienklasse (GISS, NSW)

Award for Design & Entertainment: Nutie (Kenmore SHS, QLD)

Enterprise German Awards Ceremony 2018 Nora Aubineau-Schüssler from the winning team and German teacher Denise Parsons from the German International School Sydney with Eva Baker and Anna-Lena Schenck from the Goethe-Institut Australien at the awards ceremony in Melbourne on 9 November 2018 | © Tania Jovanovic Photography More than 300 students from 17 schools participated in the Australia-wide ideas competition Unternehmen Deutsch-Enterprise German in the school year 2018. Small groups of students worked together to develop an innovative product, service and marketing idea for their partner company. Out of 75 submissions, the most innovative eight ideas were announced at a festive awards ceremony in Melbourne on November 9. Students, teachers and principals as well as representatives of partner companies such as Bosch, DB Schenker, SBS German, Melbourne Design Studios and Bretzel Biz, the German Embassy and the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce came together to celebrate the creativity and inventiveness of this year's participants. Congratulations again to the proud winners and thanks to everyone who supports this great project for professional orientation.
1. SBS Kinderprogramm  / SBS German
SINN: Ivy Semple, Nora Aubineau-Schüssler, Saskia Scholle, Nelli Conrad
German International School Sydney, NSW   
Video wird geladen
2. Selbstgemachte Brillen der Zukunft / Dresden Optics
Fowlers große Jungs: Jeffrey Chum, James Liao, Mannie Psarakis, Travis Chun Yu
McKinnon Secondary College, VIC   
Video wird geladen
©Dresden Optics
3. Bosch Valet Parken - Autodienst / Bosch
Glühbirne: Thomas White, Elliot Starkey, Sophie Chen, Elizabeth Lim, Eloise Maher
Box Hill High School, VIC  
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4. Wolkenschläfer / Lufthansa
Default: Daniel Frost, Eli Murray, Juan Blason
Kenmore State High School, QLD  
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5. Backunterricht mit Wolfgang an Schulen  / King of Cakes
Cannibal Cakes: Sevval Cikrikci, Isobel Farmer, Lily Hall
Sandgate District State High School, QLD    
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@King of Cakes

Designideen / Melbourne Design Studios
Die Jungunternehmerinnen: Nina Liu, Liying Yang, Angel Li
McKinnon Secondary College, VIC   Australisches Dirndl / Schnucki
Die Kahoots: Anna Petersen, Sophie Ellis, Kate Blee, Terina Pickering, Isabelle Chui
Ferny Grove State High School, QLD
Dirndl © Schnucki

Green Leaf - eine App, die Menschen mit Angst oder Stress hilft / Bayer
Dhanya Gajendran                                                                                                                                                     
Rossmoyne Senior High School, WA                                                                        
Enterprise German The winning team at the Awards Night at Kenmore State High School on 10 November 2017 | © Silver Rose Photography The piloting phase of the ideas competition Enterprise German has come to an end for the school year 2017. Student groups from three classes from the PASCH schools Box Hill High School (Melbourne, Victoria), Kenmore State High School, and Ferny Grove State High School (Brisbane, Queensland) have partnered with a company in their region to develop an innovative business idea as well as an advertisement idea.
It wasn't easy for the jury, consisting of representatives from educational institutions and the German Embassy, to select the three most creative ideas and associated commercials from the impressive 15 submissions.

1. Prize
School: Box Hill High School, Melbourne, Victoria
Group: 40 K
Partner company: Dresden Optics
Business idea: Retrievable Glasses
TV ad:
Retrievable Glasses Retrievable Glasses | @Box Hill High School 2. Prize
School: Kenmore State High School, Brisbane, Queensland
Group: Ta Dah!
Partner company: King of Cakes
Business idea: The Treasure Box
Radio ad: Treasure Box Treasure Box | @Kenmore State High School 3. Prize
School: Ferny Grove State High School
Group: Kirschkuchen
Partner company: Des Alpes
Business idea: The Rösti Train

The Rösti Train The Rösti Train | @Ferny Grove State High School

Enterprise German Region Asia Pacific

Enterprise German - an interactive map of participating schools and companies in the region South-East -Asia​ © Goethe-Institut Australien

Enterprise German

An interactive map of participating schools and companies in the region South-East -Asia in 2019.



Partnerunternehmen Unternehmen Deutsch Australien

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Anna-Lena Schenck Goethe-Institut Sydney Foto: Wesley Nel Anna-Lena Schenck
Project Coordinator