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  • EDDU | Einleitung © Goethe-Institut

    Erfolgreich digital Deutsch unterrichten
    The project EDDU presents teaching ideas on how to easily and successfully use digital tools in your German classes, taking into consideration the technical challenges can arise at schools.

  • EDDU | Einleitung 2 © Goethe-Institut

    Creating diverse and interesting classes
    The EDDU materials offer teaching advice on the use of chat apps, social media, videos, photos and other digital tools addressing topics that you will usually find in your textbooks and that are of interest to your students.

  • EDDU | Einleitung 3 © Goethe-Institut

    Tips and support for the use of digital media in your German classes
    Sirimar provides a range of tips and advice for your German classes, including trends and updates from the digital world.

Teaching materials sorted by topic

Digital rituals

Teaching materials sorted by tool

Unit planners with links to the Australian Curriculum

Developmental rubrics

Developmental rubrics are fundamentally about measuring learning and growth, as opposed to allocating grades. Developmental rubrics identify behaviours or skills as they are observed, and aim to improve student outcomes by having clear expectations. If students understand what is expected of them, as well as how to improve in more certain terms, they can become more involved in their learning. 

​Based on the work of  the Assessment Research Centre at the University of Melbourne, this video provides an introduction to Developmental Rubrics.



EDDU Erfolgreich Digital Deutsch lernen

Some of the EDDU materials mention the term "Klassencloud". In this tutorial, you will find out what a "Klassencloud" is and how to use it in the classroom.