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Deutschland.Kennen.Lernen© Goethe-Institut

The free app to learn German
Deutschland. Kennen. Lernen.

Discover Germany and learn German while you’re at it! Experience some exciting augmented reality (AR) features on our free "Deutschland. Kennen. Lernen." (Get to Know Germany) app and our multi-coloured poster of Germany. With plenty of interactive exercises, you can improve your German effortlessly whilst learning about the country and getting to know a modern diverse Germany. You don't know any German (yet)? It doesn’t matter! You can learn about Germany in a number of different languages on this app, even without any prior knowledge of German.

Video about Deutschland. Kennen. Lernen

© Goethe-Institutt

Get started on the app

Learn anytime and anywhere 
Want to get started right away?

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) on to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Download the Germany poster from this website and print it out (A4 paper is big enough) and/or open the PDF on a computer or tablet.
  • Point your phone at the poster and choose one of the eight themes on the app.
  • Get started and learn something new! 
  • You can also use the app without the poster. To find out how, see the option "Use app without poster".


Get our free app for your smartphone or tablet now.

Get started on the app

Download your Germany Poster now. Print it out or open the PDF on another device. Scan the poster whenever the app tells you to.

Learn German and discover Germany

You already know a little German (level A2 or higher), would like to improve your German skills and are interested in Germany? We'll show you how young people live in Germany, what they consider cool, what's important to them and a whole lot more. You can watch some interesting films, read some exciting articles, solve some tricky puzzles and take quizzes to see how much you already know! And while you’re at it, you’ll find some great exercises on the app to help you improve your German with ease.

Do the exercises and improve your listening and reading skills in German!

Discover Germany: Using the app in a different language

You don't speak German (yet) but you’re interested in Germany and want to learn more about German culture and life in Germany? In that case, you can opt to use the app in any of several other languages. After installing the app, choose one of the available languages. You can switch languages whenever you like by changing the app settings.

Teachers can use the app in many different ways: i.e. with the Germany Poster for German language classes (it’s suitable for levels A2 and up), but also for teaching other subjects that cover Germany, e.g. geography class


Test your knowledge

How well do you know Germany? Did you know that there are many different traditions in each region? In Germany there are also many sports and environmental conservation organisations. Many inventions and bands also come from Germany. Do you know all of them?

How good is your German? Do you know a lot of vocabulary and are good at German spelling?

Solve tricky puzzles and test yourself.

Using the app in German classes

For German language teachers interested in making use of the app in class, this website provides free worksheets on the eight themes as well as ideas on how to use them. The worksheets for a given theme can be worked on individually or all together as a full set. There’s also an answer key, tips on using the app for distance learning and QR codes on some sheets to access more videos and music. The worksheets are also adapted to self-learning purposes.



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