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Gender and Diversity© Goethe-Institut

Gender & Diversity

LGBTQI, feminism and gender equality are issues that young people in Australia are currently grappling with a lot. Schools are increasingly paying attention to making lessons gender-sensitive and addressing non-binary gender identities. Unfortunately, rigid role models and heteronormativity are still conveyed in the selection of images and topics in many textbooks. The materials presented here offer the opportunity to counteract this and specifically include gender and diversity in your german lessons. The materials are also suitable for up-to-date cultural studies that focus on dynamic developments in Germany.

Superfrauen © Goethe-Institut


The Superfrauen podcast tells stories from the lives of inspiring women. We learn about their exciting, sporty, smart and courageous pathways through life. Despite all the diversity, all heroines have one thing in common: They are unique role models and therefore super women or Superfrauen.

Gender inclusiveness © Sharon McCutcheon

Gender-inclusive language in German teaching

Languages, and therefore language learning, are closely linked to identity. Even in language classes for beginners, pupils talk about themselves, their experiences and their relationships. How can you help your pupils express non-binary gender identities?

Heftseite © Sarah Blesener

Queer for Learners of German

Gender equality, diversity and identity - if you´re a teenager or young adult, these terms may be quite difficult to grasp in your own native language, let alone in a foreign language.

Talking in coloured pictures: “Queer Comic Conversations” Photo (detail): Anna Heger and Sam Orchard

Queer Comic Conversations

In the comic series Queer Comic Conversations by the artists Illi Anna Heger and Sam Orchard, Anna and Sam take you along on their monthly catch-ups. Anna from Munich and Sam from Wellington meet in different locations.

Girls Day Goethe-Institut Australien

Girls' Day

Girls' Day is a career orientation project for girls. On this day, girls visit companies and universities and accompany women working in a STEM field or women in management positions. In addition, teaching materials with portraits of women in these professional fields are available.