Finals in Adelaide

The films are still in production. Deadline is 8 September. On 19 October we will award the winners at the Palace Cinema in Sydney. In the meantime, we show here last year's films.

The Winners


Primary Category: 1st Place

Good Sheperd Lutheran Para Vista

Anja and Monika have to do housework but they want to have free time. Monika has an idea…

Meine Zukunft

Primary Category: 1st Place
Meine Zukunft

Good Sheperd Lutheran

This film deals with the fantastic jobs which could arise in future due to the constant technical research and progress.  This could be being an advocate for robots or a teacher for robots. But also the job as a hoverboard-driver who carries out trips to the moon would be a quite interesting job in the future!

BCPS Nachrichten

Primary Category: 2nd Place
Meine Zukunft

Bull Creek Primary School

BCPS News: a reporter asks students about their motivation for learning German. Some like to study or work there. Why do you learn German?

In der Schule

Primary Category: 3rd Place
In der Schule

Bull Creek Primary School

Author of children’s books, vet or maybe scientist? Everyone has a different dream about ones’ job in future.

Wie meine Mutter

Secondary Junior Category: 1st Place
Wie meine Mutter

Clare High School

The film „Wie meine Mutter“ presents an amount of kind and lovely wishes to mothers and admirable features mothers can have. All in all, it makes clear how important mothers are in life.

Wir haben es geschafft

Secondary Junior Category: 2nd Place
Wir haben es geschafft!

Endeavour College

Samantha wants to create buildings in her future, Emily wants to become a teacher, Shartha considers herself as a singer and Grace hopes to become a doctor in future.

Deutscher Superman

Secondary Junior Category: 3rd Place
Deutscher Superman

Kelmscott Senior High School

Kai falls asleep at school und dreams himself as superman. As a superman he saved the life of the cat by climbing up the tree. For this, he is honored and hailed as a hero.

Grosswerden ist so komisch wie ein orange-Einhorn

Secondary Senior Category: 1st Place
'Grosswerden' ist so komisch wie ein orange-Einhorn

Westminster School

Some people already know with the age of five who they want to be und what kind of job they want to have in future….others do not. Some people do have the answer about their future life when they are 15 years old…some not.

Mein Traum

Secondary Senior Category: 2nd Place
Mein Traum

Rossmoyne Senior High School

Gustav knows that he wants to become an artist in future, however, his parents dislike that idea. They suggest thinking about something different. So, he imagines himself as a footballer, scientist, cook and singer, but nothing really fits to him.

Wahrsager Himmel und Hoelle

Secondary Senior Category: 3rd Place
Wahrsager Himmel und Hoelle

Loxton High School

The famous game “heaven and hell“ does not only entertain you in your leisure time , but also predicts your job in future. You don’t believe it? Watch the video and find out who becomes a chirurgic, a make-up artist, a hematologist or a marine biologist.

The Schools

Bull Creek Primary School:
St Mark’s Lutheran School:
Good Shepherd Lutheran:
Kelmscott Senior High School:
Loxton High School:
Immanuel College:
Endeavour College:
Clare High School:
Rossmoyne Senior High School:
Westminster School:
Faith Lutheran College:

The Participants

School Teacher Year Film
Bull Creek Primary School  Tanja Colgan Yr 5-6 BCPS Nachrichten
St Mark’s Lutheran School Susann Löffelbein Yr 5-6 AFLG – Träume werden wahr
Good Shepherd Lutheran  Tanya Siebert Yr 3-6 Meine Zukunft
St Mark’s Lutheran School Susann Löffelbein Yr 5-6 Schnitzeljagd in Deutschland
Bull Creek Primary School  Tanja Colgan Yr 5-6 In der Schule

Secondary Junior
School Teacher Year Film
Kelmscott Senior High School Jessica Hird Yr 9 Deutscher Superman
Loxton High School Margot Kranich Yr 9-10 Wenn ich groß bin
Immanuel College Georgia Heynemann Yr 8 Ich will Arzt werden
Endeavour College Lisa Schlicker Yr 9 Wir haben es geschafft!
Meridian School Birte Biehler Yr 9 Berufe in der Zukunft
Clare High School Melissa Bond Yr 9 Wie meine Mutter

Secondary Senior
School Teacher Year Film
Loxton High School Margot Kranich Yr 9-10 Wahrsager Himmel und Hölle
Rossmoyne Senior High School Anja Schulz Yr 10 Mein Traum
Westminster School Julia Chukwuani Yr 10 ‘Großwerden‘ ist so komisch wie ein Orange-Einhorn!
Faith Lutheran College Kirsty Rosenzweig Yr 10 Wenn ihr groß seid
Clare High School Melissa Bond Yr 11-12 Was mache ich, wenn ich groß bin?
Immanuel College Georgia Heynemann Yr 12 Der Traumberuf wird nicht wahr