Finals in Adelaide

"Germany in the Year 3017" – What will the world, what will Germany look like? Will we still live in houses; will people dress the same and will our lives be entirely controlled by technology? These are some of the questions of this year’s topic for the School Film Festival which were addressed and transformed into film by students from all over Australia.

The results from WA and SA were screened in Adelaide on 6th September 2017 and viewed by students, teachers, principals and parents. Everyone had a great time and the winners were very pleased with their achievements. Congratulations from us.

Thank you for the great support in organising the festival in South Australia and thank you to all students and teachers for participating.

The Winners

Erde 2.0

Primary Category: 1st Place
Erde 2.0

Good Shepherd Lutheran Para Vista

Come on a journey as people from 3017, who are living on Mars, explore what's left of the Earth. Watch Erde 2.0 to discover what they find!

Persönliche Denkmaschine

Primary Category: 2nd Place
In der Schule

Bull Creek Primary School

Nie wieder schlechte Schulnoten, das wäre toll! Und Svenja weiß auch wie: sie bestellt sich eine persönliche Denkmaschine.

Die Zukunft von Deutschland

Primary Category: 3rd Place
Die Zukunft von Deutschland

Lockleys North Primary School

This movie is about now and then, as in 2017 being now and 3017 being then in Germany. The future includes cyborgs, robots, angry teachers and more.

Der Zauberhafter Handkreisl

Secondary Junior Category: 1st Place
Der Zauberhafter Handkreisl

St Peters College

Two students who love their fidget spinners are convinced to buy another fidget spinner, a magic one, from a mysterious stranger. The new fidget spinner transports them to Munich in the year 3017, where they discover that the modern devices of our era are now museum pieces.

Das Paradox

Secondary Junior Category: 2nd Place
Das Paradox

Kelmscott Senior High School

A group of German time travellers from the Year 3017 crash land into the year 2017 on their search for treasures. They return home before their worn hole closes, leaving behind their travelling device. A group of friends on their way to an after school party stumble upon the device and use it to teleport to Germany in 3017.

2017-3017 Revolution

Secondary Junior Category: 3rd Place
2017-3017 Revolution

Lameroo Area School

Im Jahr 3017 bestimmen elektronische Geräte das Leben auf der Erde und feiern ihre 100-jährige Regentschaft mit einem rauschenden Fest im Frühstücksfernsehen… haben die Menschen eine Chance sich das zurückzuholen, was ihnen genommen wurde?

Zurück in diese Zukunft?

Secondary Senior Category: 1st Place
Zurück in diese Zukunft?

Rossmoyne Senior High School

Zurück in diese Zukunft is about the scientist Elbert Ainstein, who invents a time machine and travels to the year 3017.  The future that he discovers there is terrible and is shaped by destruction, because the human race has treated the environment so badly. 

Eine Information Maschine

Secondary Senior Category: 2nd Place
Eine Information Maschine

Endeavour College

Eine Informations-Maschine in Deutschland im Jahr 3017: Wie sieht ein Mobiltelefon aus? Gibt es überhaupt noch Telefone oder ist SIRI mittlerweile eine echte Person?

Eine Reise der virtuellen Realität bis zum 3017

Secondary Senior Category: 3rd Place
Eine Reise der virtuellen Realität bis zum 3017

Westminster School

Have you ever wondered how Germany would look a thousand years from now? Would food be different? Fashion? What about sports? Would that have changed at all? 

The Schools

Bull Creek Primary School:
Endeavour College:
Good Shepherd Lutheran:
Immanuel College:
Kelmscott Senior High School:
Lameroo Area School:
Lockleys North Primary School:
Meningie Area School:
Rossmoyne Senior High School:
St Peters College:
Westminster School:

The Participants

School Teacher Year Film
Bull Creek Primary School  Tanja Colgan Yr
Persönliche Denkmaschine
Good Shepherd Lutheran  Tanya Siebert Yr 5-6 Erde 2.0
Lockleys North Primary School Libby Edwards Yr 5 Die Zukunft von Deutschland

Secondary Junior
Schule Lehrer Stufe Film
Endeavour College Alex Kropf Yr 9 Die Zeitreisende
Immanuel College Georgia Heynemann Yr 9 Zurück in die Zukunft
Kelmscott Senior High School Elizabeth Singe Yr 9 Das Paradox
Lameroo Area School Cathy Miegel Yr 9 2017-3017 Revolution
Meningie Area School Yvonne Palka Yr 8 3017
St Peters College Patrick Swanson Yr 9 Der Zauberhafter Handkreisl

Secondary Senior
Schule Lehrer Stufe Film
Endeavour College Lisa Schlicker Yr 11 Eine Information Maschine
Rossmoyne Senior High School Anja Schulz Yr 10 Zurück in diese Zukunft?
Westminster School Andrea Sherwood Yr 10 Eine Reise der virtuellen Realität bis zum 3017