Voices of Culture

Voices of Culture Dialogue Meeting © Voices of Culture

„Voices of Culture“ – Structured dialogue between the european commission and the cultural sector

In an increasingly globalized world, the European Commission seeks to promote the role and importance of culture, within the EU. With the project "Voices Of Culture" the European Commission wants to improve the communication between civil society actors and political decision-makers in the field of culture.

The aim is to help cultural operators to communicate their interests at European level. For this purpose, a dialogue platform has been developed that brings together representatives of the cultural sector from all EU member states with the European Commission. Based on Brainstorming Meetings taking place in venues throughout the EU, the 30-50 experts involved will make policy recommendations, which will then be discussed with the European Commission at so-called Dialogue Meetings in Brussels.

"Voices Of Culture" implements this dialogue and consultation. The focus will be on meetings between some 35 representatives from the cultural sector selected by an open call and the European Commission.

The current term of "Voices of Culture" is two years, running until 2021.

"Voices of Culture" is implemented by the Goethe-Institut.