European Angst
Martin Ehl

Martin Ehl Photo: Martin Ehl

is head of the foreign affairs department on the Czech business newspaper Hospodarske noviny. He obtained his doctorate in political sciences and has made his mark as an expert in European politics and transatlantic relations. As a foreign correspondent, Ehl also covered Latin America, the USA and the Balkan states. In his latest book The Third Decade. On Life, Politics and People between Brussels and Gazprom he published essays and reportage from central Europe.

Central Europe is not the only region currently affected by populist policies. But it is clear that if you do not have stable institutions, an efficient and independent judiciary or a professional state administration, it can be quite hard to stabilize the decisions of voters that sometimes go wildly off track following strange promises of even stranger people.” Ehl in Op-Ed Metropole Vienna, 1 March 2016