Khalil Younes

Khalil Younes is a visual artist and a writer recognized for challenging social norms and the desensitization of society. Employing the use of a variety of media—ranging from time-based media, to illustration and writing—he has in his crosshairs the essence of the human experience as a target. With a human society oversaturated with sensorial and emotional stimuli; the rate of socioemotional development is rapidly changing, with the inverse effect of dulling responses, and causing various levels of social desensitization.

Through his art, Khalil diligently toils on re-designing social and emotional stimuli to motivate personal awareness and self-resensitization. Born in Damascus, Syria in 1983, he studied experimental film and video at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design of Boston in 2008 and received his BFA in cinematography from Columbia College of Chicago in 2010. Khalil’s art pieces are showcased in both private and public art collections in the US and Europe, and his illustrations have been featured in many renowned magazines and newspapers such as the Le Monde and Natural History Magazine. Two of his pieces were also acquired by the British National Museum in London. His first exhibition was in Damascus Syria, Ashtar Gallery in 2006.

Khalil has since participated in many group shows, including Syria Art for Freedom Gdansk, Germany 2011; #Withoutwords London 2013; Syria’s Art of Resistance Rundetarn, Copenhagen 2013; Culture in Defiance Amsterdam, Holland; Institut des Cultures de l’Islam Paris, France; 2012. Khalil was also a coauthor of many publications, including Syria Speaks Art and Culture from the Frontline which showcases the work of artists and writers who are challenging the culture of violence in Syria, published in 2014 and comprising a collection of essays, art projects. His work was also featured in a book titled Syrie, l’art en armies which showcase art work related to wars.