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The ASA-FF has been using global learning methods to promote development education, international understanding and new concepts for over forty years now. And for the past eight years, the association has been making use of art and culture to achieve these objectives. The goal is to provide social impetus to promote art and culture, whilst keeping political perspectives in mind. ASA-FF has been active and based in Chemnitz, Germany, since 2015, and seeks to reach a global audience. Its projects have garnered nine awards from 2012 to 2020, most recently the Kultur.LEBT.Demokratie - Sächsischer Preis für Kulturelle Bildung (literally “Culture.Is Alive.Democracy – Saxon Cultural Education Award”) in 2019 as well as an award from the German Federal Agency for Civic Education in 2014 and the Chemnitz Peace Prize in 2016.


Beursschouwburg is a multidisciplinary arts centre, situated in the heart of Brussels. It’s the perfect place for performances, screenings, concerts, exhibitions, debates, lectures, parties and a drink in the Beurscafé. Beursschouwburg provides a platform for innovative artistes, thus it’s the place to discover the famous names of tomorrow

Black Box Teater

Black Box teater was founded in 1985. It is one of the programming theaters in Norway,
co-producing and presenting international and Norwegian contemporary performing art.

With a history of more than 35 years, Black Box teater has transformed to become what it
is now: a theater with a strong artistic identity, dedicated to contemporary and
experimental forms of performing art, programming Norwegian and international
companies, emerging and established artists.
With the staging of Ways of seeing on right-wing extremist networks in Norway, the
theater provoked a national controversy in 2018.


The Center for Research on Extremism, C-REX, is a cross-disciplinary center for the study of right-wing extremism, hate crime and political violence. It is a joint collaboration with five of the leading Norwegian institutions on 
extremism research. 

C-REX three main objectives are: 

  • To develop cutting edge empirical and theoretical knowledge on right-wing extremism, violence and hate crime in Norway, Europe and beyond 
  • To serve as an international hub on multi-disciplinary research on right-wing extremism 
  • To disseminate research-based knowledge to stakeholders, policy makers, the public, civil society organization, schools, and media 

Fondazione Feltrinelli

The Feltrinelli Foundation has evolved into a cultural hub and a platform for debate in Italy. It serves as a venue for public and private institutions, universities and research hubs, companies and associations to hold discussions, and as an international network of critical thinkers. The foundation's activities combine research, publishing and educational activities in a unique, experimental way with a cross-media approach and innovative formats, including exhibitions, conferences, theatre and performance art, film screenings and concerts, to address issues of civil society, politics and democracy, contemporary history, sustainable living, cultural mediation and international networking.


Die Mérték Werkstatt für Medienanalyse ist eine zivile und berufliche Organisation, die die Meinungs- und Pressefreiheit engagiert unterstützt. Sie erstellt rechtliche, ökonomische und soziologische Analysen, beobachtet die Tätigkeit der Mediebehörde, fertigt Folgenabschätzungen an, mit deren Hilfe die Wirkung der medienpolitischen Entscheidungen auf den Markt, auf die Inhaltangebote, beziehungsweise auf das Verhalten der Journalisten ermessen werden kann. Sie präsentiert regelmäßig ihre Ergebnisse auf beruflichen und zivilen Foren der heimischen und internationalen Öffentlichkeit, um die Pressefreiheit und eine Debattenkultur zu fördern, die den demokratischen Prinzipien entspricht.

Offener Prozess

The "Offener Prozess" (Open Trial) project develops inclusive cultural and artistic communication formats for a critical analysis of the NSU in Saxony. The object is to present this complex subject matter in a way that is comprehensible to the general public and to which they can emotionally relate. By developing teaching materials and organizing educational excursions, research projects, guided city walks and, especially, the “Offener Prozess” exhibition, this project helps to keep the memory of NSU victims alive.

Romano Teatro Kulturverein

This association was founded in September 2005 under the aegis of the Kalyi Jag Association. It has been working independently since 2007 to represent all the colours and segments of our culture. The association’s membership includes young Romanies and non-Romanies alike. The object is to use culture to build bridges between different cultures and subcultures. Romano Teatro does theatre in a unique way that involves creating works for the stage and putting them across to the audience. Since 2015, the association has been actively involved in teaching and looking after Romani children in villages in the region.