German and career

The Goethe-Institut supports professional mobility with numerous German as a foreign language offers. Here you will find information on our networks, occupation-specific German as a foreign language materials and information to support your projects in a professional context.

Portrait: Success with German

Zoë Gordon

Swiss cultural mediator Zoë Gordon explains how her German helped her get a job as an assistant at the Bern University of the Arts during her binational training in Berlin. The language helps her to mediate in multilingual situations in her everyday work.

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Agnieszka Mielczarek

For Agnieszka Mielczarek, learning German in historically influenced Poznan already began during her school years. During her Master's studies in Bonn, she was selected as a scholarship holder because of her German language skills and was able to gain her first professional experience during an internship at her future workplace in the European Commission, where she is working on the current topic of climate change.

Pierre Mozgawa

Pierre Mozgawa is a French student enrolled in the European Law, Political Science and Economics programme at Sciences Po University Paris on the Franco-German campus in Nancy and is passionate about European issues. He is currently doing an internship at the French Embassy in Berlin. For him, it's clear: German will take me further!

Career orientation and German

Startnet - Bari © Goethe-Institut Brüssel

StartNet – network transition from education to employment

Youth unemployment in Europe remains a significant problem, despite slightly declining numbers, and it has severe consequences for young people, the economy and society as a whole.

German exams of the Goethe-Institut

Job-related materials for teachers of German as a foreign language

Preparing for Germany

Migration und Integration © Goethe-Institut, Getty Images

Migration and Integration

Migration is changing cultures. The Goethe-Institut reflects these developments in Germany and around the world and dedicates its work to the linguistic integration of migrants.