Adam Kinner
04/06 - 23/07/2017

Adam Kinner

adam_kinner_737 © Claire Harvie
Adam Kinner is an American artist who lives and works in Montreal, Canada. After training and a career in music, he began working in dance in 2011 as a way of experimenting with the radical potentials of the performing body. His work moves across music, performance, choreography, and documentation as it composes the performing body within the matters, affects, discourses, histories and objects of the lived present.
His work has been presented at concert halls, performance festivals, dance stages and galleries in Montreal, including at Tangente, OFFTA, Studio 303, Usine C, the McCord Museum, SBC Gallery, Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Gallerie d’UQAM and Innovations en Concert, as well as in Toronto, Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Berlin and Rotterdam. In addition to a solo practice he has developed ongoing collaborations with Noémie Solomon (USA), Ame Henderson and Public Recordings (Toronto), Jacob Wren and PME-ART (Montreal) and Christopher Willes (Toronto/ Montreal).

Adam Kinner is receiving a scholarship from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebéc (CALQ) – Arts and Literature Council of Quebec and is a resident at Vila Sul. 

He has presented the performance "Intempestivamente" at the Dance School of the Federal University of Bahia, in collaboration with three local artists: Ana Brandão, Nerfetiti Charlene Altan and Thiago Cohen. Here are some images from that performance:
  • intempestivamente018 © Lara Carvalho
  • intempestivamente041 © Lara Carvalho
  • intempestivamente050 © Lara Carvalho
  • intempestivamente076 © Lara Carvalho
  • intempestivamente094 © Lara Carvalho
  • intempestivamente105 © Lara Carvalho
  • intempestivamente110 © Lara Carvalho
  • intempestivamente125 © Lara Carvalho
Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec © CALQ