Lucia Nhamo

Lucia Nhamo © Lucia Nhamo Lucia Nhamo is a Zimbabwean visual artist currently based in South Africa,‭ ‬who explores counter-narratives and power relations through performance,‭ ‬animation,‭ ‬video,‭ ‬printmaking and sculpture.‭ ‬During her studies of art at Wellesley College and Carnegie Mellon University,‭ ‬USA,‭ ‬Nhamo not only presented her work in several international exhibitions but also participated in cinematographic projects and gained professional academic experience.‭ ‬Continuing to reflect her own personal experiences,‭ ‬her artwork engages the themes of national,‭ ‬racial and cultural identity.‭ ‬In her interdisciplinary and conceptual work,‭ ‬Nhamo often uses personal experience as a starting point to talk about themes related to national,‭ ‬ethnic and cultural identities.‭ 

Lucia Nhamo’s‭ ‬artist‭ ‬residency‭ ‬is promoted by‭ ‬Goethe Institut Salvador-Bahia in collaboration with‭ ‬‭  ‬and Musagetes.