Malu Avelar

Malu Avelar bio © Ana Paula Mathias

The artist was born in the historical city of Sabará, Minas Gerais, and began her artistic training in Belo Horizonte, at the Centro de Formação Artística do Palácio das Artes (CEFAR) and at Grupo Jovem Compasso. She worked together with many important Brazilian choreographers, among them Morena Nascimento, Mário Nascimento, Patricia Avellar, Tindaro Silvano, Gal Martins, Firmino Pitanga, Mário Lopes and Luciane Ramos. Currently, she develops her artistic work in the city of São Paulo, with partnerships and independent projects. Her latest works were developed through her body research "Corpo Negro: Tensão e Urgência", collaborating with the project "RÉS" of Corpórea Companhia de Corpos, awarded by the public notice "RUMOS' and having as highlight Elza Soares' clip "O que se cala", which she choreographed. In 2019, he participated in the PlusAfroT residency at Villa Waldberta (Munich), starting and deepening two researches, a dance performance called "1300° - What is the health of a volcano?", with the opening of the process in Munich, and the "Lesbian Sauna", a relational installation work that had its first edition in the second artistic residency program of the Valongo International Festival (Santos/2019). The core of the artist's research starts from the grounding of this dissident body that lives in a constant state of alert and has an urgency for the movement that circulates in a mystery that comes from within and overflows beyond the speeches that crystallize it.