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Although exact term dates and courses offered may vary, the Goethe-Institut Toronto generally offers courses at the following times:

Winter: January - March
Spring: April - June
Summer: July - August
Fall: September - late November
Learning is an individual process. How much time you need to attain a certain level depends on various and individual factors: your commitment, your time input, and your taking advantage of additional practice resources.

Should you already have studied one or more languages, you may learn German faster. It makes a big difference if you participate in a language course in your home country or in Germany, where you will be exposed to the German language outside the classroom.

As a rough guideline, we estimate it will take the following amount of instruction to complete each language level:

A1 : approx. 60-150 hours (80-200 TU*)
A2 : approx. 150-260 hours (200-350 TU*)
B1 : approx. 260-490 hours (350-650 TU*)
B2 : approx. 450-600 hours (600-800 TU*)
C1 : approx. 600-750 hours (800-1000 TU*)
C2 : approx. 750+ hours (1000+ TU*)

* TU = Teaching Unit; a teaching unit consists of 45 minutes of instruction.
The Goethe-Institut Toronto is the official cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany. This means that we focus on German language and culture. Our instructors teach with modern and innovative methods that are effective for language learning. These methods create classes that are entertaining, interactive, and fun. Our classrooms are equipped with modern tech - smartboards instead of blackboards.  At the Goethe-Institut Toronto, we offer you a flexible learning experience: we offer not only classic face-to-face instruction, but also blended learning. This combines face-to-face and online instruction, ideal for learners with an active and busy schedule.
If you are unsure which level is right for you, we welcome you to write a placement test. Please send an e-mail to

The online placement test can take up to one hour to complete and must be completed in a single sitting. In some cases, we may ask you to have a short phone interview with one of our instructors to confirm placement.
Our teenagers' classes are geared towards learners aged 12-17. Students who are 17 or older may take adult courses. 
We offer children's courses for 6-8 and 9-11 year old learners.

See here for more details.
If you live too far from a Goethe-Institut to take a face-to-face class, you can still participate in our Online Group Course oder Blended Learning Classes or take individual lessons. In order to book individual lessons please contact our language course office.
There is no difference with regards to the progress you will make in a face-to-face versus a blended course - both are designed to cover the same essential content. Although you will not have as much face time in a blended course, the format is designed to make use of in-class and out-of-class time differently in such a way that you will still have the same opportunities to develop your language skills.


Please review our current terms and conditions for more information regarding our cancellation policies.


Yes. You can sign up for a course until the end of the first week of classes.

There is no minimum attendance required to attend a course, but students who do not attend at least 70% of their classes will not be eligible for a certificate of participation at the end of the semester.
Although we do not offer make-up classes, you have many resources at your disposal to help you catch up if you miss a class. Every course is connected to an online classroom, where your instructor will post announcements, homework, and lesson notes. If you need help catching up, during each semester, you may make book an individual class (Please email to arrange the class).


While you are not required to take an exam at the end of your class, we encourage you to sign up for one of our official Goethe-Zertifikat exams, which will provide you with an internationally-recognized certificate to prove your language abilities.

More Information on our exams
All students who attend at least 70% of their classes, and (for courses with an online component) complete at least 70% of their assignments will receive a certificate of participation for their course.

Our teachers

All instructors at the Goethe-Institut are required to demonstrate a minimum of C1 level proficiency in the German language.