We also love the Art of Others

Savamala has, throughout its history, been a place for trade, international exchange and encounters. But today, Savamala is isolated – a remote and inaccessible space in the middle of the city. Using the title “We also Love the Art of Others”, we would like to re-vitalize the traditional role of Savamala, inviting artists of different origins and positions to again enter into dialogue in this city quarter.

For most of its history, Savamala was Belgrade´s gateway to the world, a place of exchange and encounter. Here, at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, different people and cultures found the best conditions for international trade, networking, and innovation. Today, very little of this dynamic past remains. The port of Savamala has been re-located, commercial and cultural institutions have vanished, and a spirit of openness and innovation has been replaced by the stifling feeling of stagnation and backwardness. Savamala feels isolated – a remote and inaccessible place in the middle of the city.

The Belgrade artists´ initiative Treći Beograd/Third Belgrade would like to change the situation and re-vitalize the historic role of Savamala. We envisage Savamala as a place where artists from Belgrade and beyond can enter into dialogue. A MediaLab will be established in Savamala, serving artists as their space to work and communicate. Under the title “We also Love the Art of Others”, artists of different origins and positions will meet and share the same focus of attention: Savamala.

Treći Beograd will contribute to the Urban Incubator: Belgrade in two ways: in fostering a network among the artistic scenes of Belgrade and beyond, and in instigating artistic research and intervention in a forgotten place that, in future, could again stimulate Belgrade´s city life.

    Address in Savamala

    Kraljevića Marka 8

    Third Belgrade