Micro Factories

Micro-Factories will create new production facilities that transform the knowledge, capacities, and ideas of Savamala into innovative products in new, small production plants.

In recent decades the relationship between urban space and industrial production has been lost. Small-scale production workshops have been replaced by large-scale logistics, and production and sales facilities have been relocated from the city center to the urban periphery. This has led to the loss of microeconomic structures that had greatly contributed to the urban and social qualities of many city´s central zones, which shaped intense street life, vivid neighbourhoods and a shared feeling of local pride and identity.

The Berlin-based raumlaborberlin will re-invent the idea of micro-factories in Savamala, helping to stabilize traditional, still existing infrastructure of Savamala. Small and suitable spaces are being identified in order to transform them into small production units. Simultaneously, raumlaborberlin are looking for the talented and committed individuals to actively contribute to the new units and, together with raumlaborberlin, design their own products and production processes.

raumlaborberlin is drawing on its rich experience with similar participatory projects. By engaging workshop participants in the design and production processes we will contribute to strengthening social networks, developing technical innovations, and the self-fulfillment of participants. Micro-Factories will re-connect the unknown and unused talents and experiences of local people to the city quarter in which they live.

    Address in Savamala

    Crnogorska 5

    raumlaborberlin (Axel Timm, Christof Meyer)