Nextsavamala – Crowdsourcing a City Vision

How do the citizens of Belgrade envisage the future of Savamala? What are their ideas? And how can those ideas be realized? Nextsavamala supports the citizens of Belgrade to develop their own vision for Savamala through a web-based public forum and workshops.

There is a growing demand among citizens for more participation in the development of their city. In post-socialist countries, where city development over a long period has been in the sole responsibility of authoritarian regimes and their experts, a new desire for active engagement is also emerging strongly. But how can participatory processes be organized if there is a lack of adequate structures and traditions?

Web-based communication offers new possibilities to actively involve citizens. In Hamburg, these instruments have been developed and tested. The Nexthamburg project has been very successful in collecting and filtering citizens’ visions through our internet platform and, through workshops, developing ideas that can implemented in actual planning processes.

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Now, the Nexthamburg team is coming to Belgrade to develop, together with the citizens of the city, a city vision for Savamala.The internet platform Nextsavamala is being established and we invite all citizens to take part in our activities, in co-operation with and guided by Nextsavamala’s professional editorial team.

Additionally, workshops will be organized in the Spanish House in order to further develop the best ideas. The result of this open process will be published and officially handed over to the City of Belgrade.

    Address in Savamala

    Gavrila Principa 2

    Julian Petrin, Cynthia Wagner