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Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith & Marion Jungeblut - Exhibition
Interlaced – Verflochten zwischen Schichten

KunstRaumGoethe's second exhibition presents three artists, who explore the body's connection to the earth.

Like countless scales invisible on the skin of the human body, the works of Marion Jungeblut and Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith in the exhibition Interlaced – Verflochten zwischen Schichten are brought into a context that juxtaposes the familiar, the abstract and the foreign. Words and reflective surfaces create the possibility of other realities, layers, and insights in the phenomenological and philosophical context of the works. Due to its abstraction, the artwork arouses different associations in the viewer's mind on different levels of cognitive and visual perception. The individual elements, understood as fragments, allow an insight into the creation of the exhibition Interlaced.

  • The picture shows layers of red colour in front of a black background, that flow into one another in harmony. © Dagmar Glausnitzer
    Dagmar Glausnitzer in KunstRaumGoethe
  • Marion Jungeblut in KunstRaumGoethe Beschreibung: An art installation presents the German word "ZEIT" in four dimensions. The surfaces reflect and thus create a different reality. © Marion Jungeblut
    Marion Jungeblut in KunstRaumGoethe

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith completed her MA Fine Arts and Philosophy at the Royal College of Art London (2000) and BA Liberal Arts at Goldsmiths 'College London (1994). She was awarded the Picker Fellowship Award from Kingston University (2000-2003). She organized art projects in Germany, international workshops and residencies for performance art (2005-2010). She was also involved in the production of the events Transitstation in London (2003), Berlin (2005), Edinburgh (2006) and Copenhagen (2010). From 2002-2017 she was a lecturer at Kingston University, London specializing in performance art.

Marion Jungeblut studied sculpture with Prof. Jürgen Weber at the Institute of Elementary Form and Architecture at TU Braunschweig/Germany. She also attended courses in mathematics and theoretical physics. After residencies in Los Angeles, where she worked at SOM and collaborated on installations for MOMA San Francisco, she studied Liberal Arts and Media Studies at HBK Braunschweig. She maintains two studios in Braunschweig and Spain.