Andria Zeniou

Andria Zeniou Photo: Andria Zeniou Name: Andria Zeniou
Age: 32
Occupation: Actress
Your part in the workshop: participant
How do you call yourself in terms of origin?

Why do you attend the project?

I love stories and it’s about time to unite and tell them.
What did you learn so far about the „other side“?

So much alike with „this side“.
What surprised you the most?

How much alike it looks with „this side“.
What scared you the most?

The fact that North Cyprus ins not a recognised country so if something happens with police or so called government can’t be resolved by European laws.
What did you learn about yourself?

I’m nobody special.
Do you speak with your friends about these experiences?

All the time.

And their reaction?

I believe they’re happy with my excitement.

Where do you see Cyprus in ten years?

Best scenario: buried under sand; worst scenario: same as ten years before.