Marianna Vouga

Marianna Vouga Photo: Marianna Vouga Name: Marianna Vouga
Age: 36
Occupation: Actress
Your part in the workshop: Assistant Director
How do you call yourself in terms of origin?

Why do you attend the project?

It’s so interesting. To get to know the Cypriot issue from the point of view of people. Simple people close to my age.
What did you learn so far about the „other side“?

So many similarities. On pain, on customs, on mentality. On words. On the same questions ...

What surprised you the most?

How much I was touched by hearing the stories the participants shared and realisation that maybe Cypriots can be more understand by Turkish Cypriots than Greeks.
What scared you the most?

Peace through division and that’s normal? That’s scary.
What did you learn about yourself?

How important it is to forget the past pain in order to move on.
Do you speak with your friends about these experiences?


And their reaction?

I don’t think they really understand ... as I was before.

Where do you see Cyprus in ten years?

I really don’t know. I am too romantic for such a prediction. Maybe liberating of third party.