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Lily Michaelides

Lily Michaelides
Lily Michaelides | Photo: Annie Michaelides

Lily Michaelides lives and works in Nicosia. She has published five collections of poetry: Time's Alchemy (2001), Shapes and Roads in Relief... (2003), Remembrance of a Dawn (bilingual edition, 2004), Intimations (2008) and Arena (bilingual edition, Melani, 2014 - short listed for the poetry state award). Also the Prose: The City Needs No Introductions (2010), Drops from the Maasai Land (2017) and the short stories Him (zbilingual edition, Melani, 2019). Her poems have been translated into many languages. She is at the board or directors of the Cyprus PEN Centre and also a co-director of the cultural organisation Ideogramma.