Demetris Shammas

Architect and new media artist

A man with short black hair and beard is calmly looking into the camera with his arms crossed. © Demetris Shammas

Demetris Shammas (b.1984) is a Cyprus-based architect and new media artist. Working with computational processes, he overlays the digital onto the physical to form instances of ‘algorithmic experience’. In this way, he creates works through the manipulation of light and space, as well as tactile works where the digital process translates into expression through material design. While following a seemingly rational path, his work is driven by an attraction towards the unrepresentable, the unbuilt; by an eagerness to examine the possible as that which can never be fully captured.

Demetris holds a Diploma of Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens (2011) and a master's degree from the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design at ETH Zurich (2013), where he worked and taught until 2021. His work has been showcased in festivals and exhibitions worldwide, including the World Expo (UAE 2022), BMW Art Club (PL 2022), Ars Electronica Festival (AT 2020), Mapping Festival Geneva (CH 2016), and Athens Digital Arts Festival (GR 2015).

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