Korallia Stergides


A girl in a white t-shirt and brown hair (Korallia Stergides) rests her head on the head of a brown horse. © Korallia Stergides

Korallia Stergides explores the vital politics of care in an interdependent world, developing various characters to “re-mythologize” autobiographical narratives and reconstruct them as autofiction. She is interested in monumentalising the ephemerality and vulnerability of relationships, childhood and family. Her choreographic inquiries are framed through an interweaving of multiple mediums: performance, poetry, installation, etching, drawing, photography, film, sound and sculpture. The ways of participation in her work relate to the embodiment of care, emphasising nonhuman agencies. She invites audiences to explore onomatopoeic parallels, shared gestures of intimacy and abstracted notions of touch between animals and humans, reimagining the intimacy of our interspecies relationships and home.

She holds a BA in Performance Design and Practice from Central Saint Martins (2016) and an MFA in Fine Art Media from The Slade School Of Art (2022), where she showcased her most recent immersive installation Myam Mwam Meow Miaow Mam Ma (2022), recipient of The Sarabande Award. Recent performances include Deep Love Tours: Lausanne, Les Urbaines Festival, CH (2022); Deep Love Tours: Objects Of The Misanthropocene, UCL Octagon Gallery, UK (2023); Deep Love Estates, SZN Gallery, UK (2023); Bud, On Bodies Festival at Dancehouse Lefkosia, CY (2023).

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