Horst Weierstall – Exhibition
The Book of Tides

Horst Weierstall – Exhibition
Photo: Goethe-Institut

The wall installation is a contribution to the artistic examination of the theme Space, Interspace, Line and the Ambivalence of Division.

By Horst Weierstall

The project consists of two parts:

  • Painting and aphorisms
  • Text transcriptions from diaries from 2019/20

The flexible arrangement of the pictorial elements allows participatory perception and reading, and can thus be experienced as a walk-through book. It is timeless, but it is also, through its form, content and the open design, of temporary duration.

The basic idea of a formal reduction in my work goes back to early actions and drawings in which the cross, circle and line functioned as form and symbol carrier. See my publication From Sign to Action, Moufflon Pubications 2004.

How to reassemble the divided, the broken, the crack? This question came up for me in the working process of this project. Like borders, cracks and edges are also parts of the whole. In Japanese, the filling of shards or cracks is called 'Kintsugi'. "Are perhaps the shards the symbolism of all symbolisms?" asks Miko Sophie Kuehmel. And Gustave Flaubert wrote in 1876 in reference to literature, "After all, I believe that form and background are two intricacies, two entities that never exist without each other."

The aphorisms in the exhibition, like the motifs, are closely linked to my diaries, notations and drawings. In March 2017, the Goethe-Institut Nicosia showed Markings of Time ­­­– crossing, line, circle, a selection of these diary works.