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Precautionary and hygiene measures

Mouth and nose protection mask Photo: GettyImages

Precautions and hygiene measures when conducting language courses and for visitors at the Goethe-Institut Cyprus

The language courses are held at the Goethe-Institut Cyprus from September 2020 to January 2021 under strict precautionary and hygienic measures.

The current requirements of the Cypriot Ministry of Health were taken into account in the making of the hygiene concept. They also apply in the public areas such as the language office and in the event hall.

Classroom Regulations

  • It is recommended to wear masks for mutual protection.
  • Course participants must disinfect their hands when entering and leaving the classroom. Necessary disinfectants are made available.
  • Each course participant has their own table.
  • Minimum distance between tables is one meter.
  • Minimum distance to the teacher is zwo meters.
  • If the minimum distance cannot be kept, everyone (students and teachers) must wear a mask. Specifically, this means:
    • rooms A and D: five students or more
    • room B: seven students or more
    • room E: nine students or more
  • The joint use of pens etc. is not permitted.
  • There must be no "group gatherings" during the breaks.
  • Group work with close contact does not take place.
  • At least one window must remain open during the lesson.
  • Those who accompany students to the institute are asked to leave the premises as soon as possible and should not be in the corridors of the institute under any circumstances.
  • After each lesson, the tables, chairs, door handles and pens are disinfected.

Classroom Regulations for Young Children and Teens

  • All children must bring the following materials from home: scissors, glue, crayons. If the children do not have these items with them, the Goethe-Institut will provide the material. Our teachers disinfect it before and after class.
  • Parents are not allowed to come to the Goethe-Institut premises with their children, but leave their children at the southern entrance gate (at the checkpoint) for pickup. The children are picked up by the respective teacher and brought to the classroom.
  • For the courses ELL0 and BIL0 (kindergarten), there is at least ten square meters of space available for three children.

Regulations for Visitors

  • When entering the building, visitors should disinfect their hands and wait for an employee to invite them in.
  • Hand disinfectants are available at the entrance.
  • People should only enter the main building for an important reason (collection of certificates, enrollment, registering for events).
  • Access to the language course office is only permitted for members of one household, but a maximum of 3 people. The rule applies that in public rooms in which customers are served, a maximum of one person per 8 square meters is permitted with a minimum distance of two square meters between people.
  • A mask requirement applies to both employees and visitors in the office and at events.


We kindly ask all visitors to the institute to adhere to the distance and hygiene rules. All regulations are constantly updated in accordance with the information provided by the local authorities.