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Goethe V&A Residency
Arianna Nicoletti

Arianna Nicoletti.  © Chiara Bonetti © Chiara Bonetti

Goethe V&A Residency Artist 2018

The Goethe-Institut and the V&A chose Arianna Nicoletti as German-based sustainable fashion and textile design resident who works with sustainable materials or processes such as circular economy or zero-waste design.

Arianna Nicoletti is a Berlin-based fashion designer and entrepreneur working within the field of sustainable fashion with a focus on circular systems for textiles. Her work is influenced by the perceived worthlessness of materials and products and aims to disrupt the system both at an industry and individual consumer level. She is the co-founder of the fashion label Aluc, the concept store The Upcycling Fashion Store and the non-profit association Future Fashion Forward, all in Berlin.


'My residency with the Goethe-Institut at the V&A will focus on the circular economy for textiles. I am interested in exploring and analysing works in the Fashioned from Nature exhibition linked to recycling technologies, closed-loop bio fibres and upcycling design. Taking some of the exhibition’s revolutionary examples as a starting point, such as the textiles by Bolth Threads and Orange Fiber, I will investigate other related pieces in the museum’s collections. The ongoing output of my research will be a digital and analogue 3D map of circular fashion innovation, highlighting common variables and their disruption grades.'

The residency takes place from 15 October -15 December 2018.
Events programme with Arianna Nicoletti as part of her residency.

Interview with Arianna Nicoletti
Audio-Interview with Arianna on YouTube.

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