IF & 00

Collecting Europe artist IF & 00 - Europa Photo: Projects by IF/00 Medieval & Renaissance - The Paul and Jill Ruddock Gallery, Room 50a

Imagine a future where European citizenship isn’t bound by geographic borders. This is the world of Europa, an imagined collective that offers digital or ‘parallel’ citizenship to anyone, granting citizens the rights and social security once provided by the nation state. Visitors are invited to take a pledge to become the first citizens of Europa, and can leave with a ‘Europan’ passport. Be sure, however, to read the footnotes in the bill of rights: if over one million people sign up for provisional citizenship, Europa will become real.

Europa is a collaboration between IF, a design studio that seeks to change how people think about data, privacy and security, and 00, a group of innovation firms working across architecture, policy, social science and technology.