Tu Wei-Cheng
Enfolded World: Mysteries of Lost Civilisations

Collecting Europe artist Tu Wei-Cheng Photo: © Victoria and Albert Museum Daylight Gallery, Room 64b

Tu Wei-Cheng's installation poses a question for the archaeologists of 4017. In this imagined future they have discovered a large-scale metal plate of unknown origins and function. It is decorated with relief printings that appear to be distorted or deformed but in fact are motifs taken from daily life. These were created by the artist through a process of moulding, casting and oxidative corrosion. The false cultural relics pose the question ‘what is Europe now?’, and are intended to make us wonder what could happen during the next 2000 years to bring about and leave us with discovered cultural relics like this. War? Natural disaster? Or just time?

Tu Wei-Cheng is one of Taiwan’s leading artists. His work creates modern scenes using ancient art forms as the present turns into an imaginary past. The artist takes on the role of archaeologist or historian, revealing reflections of us and our time.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.