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The letters between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Love letter from Albert

My dearest, most beloved Victoria.
I am so touched by the evidence of trust that you give me in sending your letters, and by the so affectionate sentiments that you express towards me therein, that I scarcely know how to reply to you. How have I earned so much love and so much warm-hearted kindness?
- I am still unable to accustom myself to the truth of all that I see and hear, and can only believe that Heaven has sent down an angel to me, whose radiance is intended to brighten my life. May I succeed in making you quite quite happy, as happy as you deserve to be!!
With body and soul I remain for ever your slave
Your devoted Albert
on 15 Oct. 1839
Love letter from Albert
Dearest Victoria.
I will come to you at precisely 12 o’clock. As far as Ernst is concerned, he does not wish to be seen with the yellowish hue of his face; it would upset him a great deal. While his condition continues to be very unpleasant and indeed embarrassing for him, the physician does believe he has found indications that suggest that his malady may after all lift earlier than one had initially hoped. The new home will surely also be a good influence. In joyful expectation of the moment of our reunion, I remain your devoted Albert.
Love letter from Victoria
Dear Angel,
Read these letters to your father, Uncle Leopold and Stockmar and return them as quickly as possible. -
Your devoted V[ictoria]
15 Oct. 1839.

Love letter from Victoria
Dear Angel,
I am sending you something that will amuse you very much.-
The education in Kensington and Claremont is wonderful.
Your devoted V[ictoria]

Love letter from Victoria
Dearest Albert,
Can you come to me alone for a moment?
Your devoted V[ictoria].

All letters were kindly supplied by the Royal Archives / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2019